Mubkhar launches “Don’t limit your choices – customize your own scent”

Mubkhar launches “Don’t limit your choices – customize your own scent”

The first of its kind concept available to customers at 12 different branches


mubkhar launches “Don’t limit your choices – customize your own scent”


  • Almanaa: We launched this initiative to provide our customers with an experience in which they can truly express themselves


Kuwait City, 27 September 2023: mubkhar, a leading fragrances company that offers the finest oriental and western fragrances, announced its latest and most significant experience in the world of specialized fragrances under the slogan, “Don’t limit your choices – customize your own scent”. The innovative concept where customers can customize their own fragrances launched across 12 stores throughout Kuwait. The initiative comes as part of mubkhar’s expansion plan and ongoing commitment to provide its valued customers with an unrivaled shopping experience.

The new offering from mubkhar allows customers to truly enjoy a new world of fragrances, creating their very own bespoke perfume. With this experience, mubkhar not only brings a new concept to the fragrance market in Kuwait but also an unmatched level of expertise. By creating their own fragrances, customers can enjoy the true essence of what mubkhar has to offer with a distinct sent that separates them from others. Upon visiting one of mubkhar’s 12 branches that offer a customized experience, customers will be greeted with mubkhar’s highly skilled staff who will take them through the steps to creating their unique fragrance. Each bespoke scent will be crafted with elite and high-end quality materials and oils, ensuring a luxurious and personalized aromatic journey for every individual.

Commenting on the ‘customize your own scent’ concept, Kahlid Nawaf Almanaa, Co-founder of mubkhar, said, “mubkhar is thrilled to launch a new personalized experience for its customers in which they can create their own unique fragrance. We launched this experience as part of our progressive approach towards continuously providing our customers with exciting new ways to truly express themselves through essence. Through this initiative, our clients can not only design their own unique perfume but also have the advantage of saving their customized notes. This feature ensures that they can revisit and recreate their signature scent anytime in the future.”

The customized fragrance experience offered by mubkhar will be available at 12 branches that include Sharq, the Avenues stores, Salhiya Mall, Marina Mall, 360 Mall, Al Kout Mall, The Warehouse, Al Khiran Mall, Assima Mall, and Al Hamra Mall. The first of its kind concept in Kuwait is set to truly redefine the fragrance market in Kuwait, while further building on mubkhar’s customer-centric approach.

He added, “Over the past 8 years, mubkhar established its unique mark and direction in the fragrance industry. We designed more than 120 blends from a total of 9 fragrance collections for our customers to enjoy. Additionally, since the inception of the ‘customize your own fragrance’ experience, we leveraged our scent expertise and deep understanding of customer needs to deliver high quality fragrances in line with international standards. mubkhar also possess the ISO international certification related to good manufacturing practices and a certification from the World Health Organization ensuring the safety of our products.”

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